Lauren and Ryan's Summer 2008 Adventure!! travel blog

Goa has been beautiful from the time we landed here until now, our finla moments in India. The weather has been nice as well. Yesterday we had a relaxing day. We walked from one beach to another and took lots of pictures.

We did some shopping for final souvenirs to bring back home. There are lots of really nice clothes that are VERY cheap. We bought some "Pearls of Goa" to bring home (Cashews) Apparently Goa is famous for its cashews and some sort of cashew wine which we did not try.

We also managed to visit a "night club" which was quite intersting. It was lots of fun to beout with our whole group one last time. Last night we had our final dinner with our tour guide, he has been very nice and friendly... I think we will all be adding him on facebook when we get home. Some people ahd to leave very early this morning so we practically stayed up all night at some roof top pub and reflected on our trip. The owners of the pub were trying to get us to come back for a "sunday roast" with all the fixings, potatos, veggies, yorkshires and gravy... very tempting but we will be on a plane.

In a couple hours we will head to airport. One member of our group is on our exact same flight from Goa to Delhi so we will share a cab. After that it is 3 hours to Dubai, 7 hours to London, 7 hour lay-over in London and then 9hrs to EDMONTON!!! I am very excited for slurpees and Wendys when I get back.

Overall, we have a had a great time in India, it has been an adventure that we will never forget. We took lots and lots of pictures which will be up when we get home.

We will miss travelling through India, I am certain that we will be back. But for now I am excited to head back home and see everyone and get back to school.

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