The A-Train hits Portugal travel blog

So we've been in Faro for the weekend and its coming to an end. Some of the most amazing beaches and amazing people are going to be left behind. I met some really cool portuguese people Friday night at this "Hip Hop" dance was more like a techno disco that threw in an some fat man scoop every now and then. But I hung out with these people all night and they had a beach house down in Faro where we went after the club and hung out for a little while they kept wanting to test out there english skills while I was trying to show off my portuguese prowess but overall it was a good time. I'm definetely starting to get home sick though and I think I need to take it a little easier or I'm going to be completley dead by the time I have to go back home. I still have a ridiculous weekend planned for next weekend so I'm going to try and keep it relativley lame for the next few days so I can recover. Its tough being the fifth wheel out here and it seems like every night I have to go out hunting for people to hang out with which is cool but sometimes its a little tough finding my way home alone every night. Other than that I hope all of you are doing well and I'm starting the countdown to get back to Boston! In the meantime its almost 930 so I guess dinners probably a good idea now and we'll see where the sunday night will take me.

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