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Happy Look....prior to sitting on the seat again

Thought Clint would Enjoy

Today was interesting……we started the day in rolling hills…..then we rode into a monster head wind…..the final 15 miles of the day, both disappeared…..but a broken spoke on my bike made the final 10 miles a long trip…..we adjusted the other spokes so the rim didn’t bounce off the frame so hard….and made it to the final stop. The weather was also interesting….we froze about the entire day. It was overcast, windy and raining…..but it was great compared to hot and humid.

The excitement of the adventure has definitely warn off……and while it is still a great time, we spend a lot of time finding ways to overcome the miles. Everything hurts to start the day….most stuff warms up (or goes numb) within the first 15 miles (the distance increases daily)….we try and make it to the halfway point before stopping for food (today close to 38 miles), so we spend that time talking about all the stuff we might eat. After the “breakfast stop”, it again takes some time to warm everything up (or numb it), and we look for road signs for the next meal (today it was handmade brats in the Amana Colonies)….we also spent some time asking important questions. Here are the questions we came up with:

• While there are bikes on the ride ranging in value from $80 (our brands) to $10,000, why is it you never see the $80 bikes on the side of the road needing repair? (this question came up prior to us pulling over so I could bend the broken spoke out of the way on my ride….)

• Who thought a mechanical bull would attract riders? (there was a place you could pull over and give it a try….not really needing an additional beating to that part of our anatomy, we all passed)

• Do people who spend a fortune on a bike feel funny about using us to draft?

• Where do Gene and Loretta keep getting popcorn….we see them eat it each day, but there are always bags in the cabinet?

In addition to our questions, here are some things we decided:

• This may be the only week you can walk into a Casey’s in Iowa, wearing spandex, and not feel odd.

• Thursday is when a 64 mile day (the distance for Friday’s route) seems short.

• There are a number of people who can ride 80+ miles in a day, and then spend the evening drinking and dancing……the three of us don’t fall in that group.

• A day is not enough time for certain parts of a person’s body to recover for another day of riding.

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