Georgie and Simon's Trip 2008 - and now 2009! travel blog

Simon with TJ, Ozzie, Aime and Mo at Gloria and Harold's place...

Strawberry picking with Gloria and Harold.

Group shot out the front of Gloria and Harold's place

Aime the Blue Heeler - The conversation starter when we first met...

Macleod Manor - Gloria and Harold's rural retreat in the New Glasgow...

After an 18 hour ferry ride from Argentia back to the mainland, it was straight to the nearest Tim Horton’s for a much needed caffeine hit and then on to New Glasgow to catch up with Gloria and Harold at their place. It was good to see them again and we received a warm welcome from them and their 4 dogs as we pulled up the drive. As we had arrived just in time for lunch, it was good to sit back on the porch with a big meal they had prepared for us and chat about our trip to Newfoundland. We spent a lot of time on that porch, enjoying the great weather and generally just relaxing.

The next day we had planned to go strawberry picking at a “U-Pick” farm near their place. Within an hour we had two big trays of strawberries picked and it was back home for Harold and I to start on our little project for the van, while Georgie and Gloria retired to the porch to natter, drink tea and chop the strawberries ready for freezing. The “project” was to make up a bit of a platform for the back of the Dodge that goes in over the folded down rear seats and can be used to sleep on and generally make things a bit neater. We have since found many other uses for it and it also comes in very handy to use as a bench to prepare and cook our meals on when the wind is being a nuisance for our little gas cooker.

We ended up staying two nights at Gloria and Harold’s and greatly appreciated their hospitality, company and above all, their generosity (it’s a good thing we had a van to fit all the stuff they gave us in!). Despite this, we thought it was time to move on and start making our way west towards Ontario. We said our good byes and left the next morning with the intention of making it to a place called Shippagan, on the north-west point of New Brunswick – another place we have heard about through kitesurfing magazines!

On our way to Shippagan, we made a quick stop off in Truro (only 40 minutes down the road from New Glasgow) to catch up with Reg, who took us fishing in Howley. Reg, who is originally from Nova Scotia, spends his time between Newfoundland and NS and just happened to be back on the mainland to attend a Harley Davidson rally in Sydney. We caught up with him briefly for a quick hello and a coffee, and also gave him some photos of our fishing trip we printed off for him. After catching up, we made a bee-line for Shippagan with the intention of staying overnight and moving on the next day.

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