Fultz Family America Tour 2008 travel blog

Visiting the Sheaffers

Vail Mtn Gondolla

On top of the World

There's snow in them there hills

Kaitlyn and her Uncle Jim

Chad and his buddy, Tedi

Chad and his Great Aunt Karen

The BB Gun

Chads unique perspective

OK, where were we? Oh yes, Beaver Utah. That was so long ago it seems and not really a highlight of the journey. I have been in search of the illusive WiFi connection and now I have it in my grasp once again. So sit back and relax and let me tell you what has been happening the last few days. We headed Northeast out of Utah and into Colorado to visit with the Sheaffer’s. Bud’s (my) Aunt Karen, Uncle Jim and their kids Jeremy and Judd in Gypsum Colorado, just outside of Vail and Beaver Creek. They have a beautiful home on a mountaintop in Gypsum overlooking the pass and the Eagle-Vail Airport. We spent a couple days recuperating from the trip. We actually moved out of the RV and into rooms with beds, we ate real meals (too much actually) and most importantly we spent time with family catching up on lost time and reminiscing the old times. We spent an evening at Jeremy and Dawns home that they built not far from Jim and Karen’s. Again, like most homes in this part of Colorado, a beautiful house overlooking a valley with lots of open space and wildlife all around. Their house backs up to BLM ground (Bureau of Land Management) which means the land is protected and trophy elk roam free. Chad had a great time as well. Jeremy handed Chad a pellet gun and told him he’d give him a dollar for each ground squirrel he slayed. Chad looked at me like, “Can I? Really? Wow” and that was it, we didn’t see him for hours. Seems the ground squirrels (similar to gophers) are wreaking havoc on Jeremy’s lawn and he is seeking all means of eradication including gun toting eleven year olds. Also seems the ground squirrels are an elusive creature as Chad went home dollarless. We also got to spend some time with Judd. He has a house in Denver but is staying on the west side of the mountains in Gypsum to work a job during the week. We spent two full days exploring Vail and Beaver Creek. We did some shopping and took lots of pictures. Every turn was met with another must take photo opportunity of either mountain views or multimillion dollar property perched on a rock ledge overlooking some of the most expensive real estate in the country. We took a gondola up to the top of Vail Mountain and had lunch at nearly 12,000’. It was absolutely beautiful but I am still breathing heavy. The time in Gypsum was wonderful and perfectly timed at mid trip. It gave us time to get out of the RV and take a long stretch and spend time with family. The hospitality and generosity was wonderful. The highlight was the presentation of a BB gun to Chad from his Great Uncle Jim just before we left. You would have thought he handed Chad a million dollar bill he was so excited. Kaitlyn and Chad each also received an old silver dollar from their Great Aunt Karen’s coin collection. Too cool.

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