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Dear Rocky and Lynn McGinnis,

What the hell? You told me to come all the way out here to Orcas Island and then you don't return my phone calls? I am not happy. The good news first...I enjoyed puttering around the island on my moped and this is a very pretty place to look at. Westside beach resort was nice and had good espresso. There is a cool pottery place. That is all.

The bad news: Orcas Island is the furthest island of all the San Juans and took me 4 hours roundtrip on the ferry. There is nothing to do here except kayak in a group tour (they will not let you rent your own kayak), ride around on a moped, and make exclamations about how beautiful this place is. My moped obviously came from The Gambia because it looked like it was held together with duct tape. I have seen racing bikes with wider tires. Apparently there are lots of whales, but you can only see them on those ridiculous group tours, which I refused to do. I only brought my backpack over, so I had to reduce my sleeping system to the hammock and my sleeping bag. First of all, the mosquitos were horrendous, so I had to buy some spray as soon as I got to Westside, but I had already been bitten about ten times by then. It was freezing on this island...about 55 during the day with the windchill factor and 30 or so at night. I had forgotten socks, but had my hat. I lie awake until 3, wishing for morning. Finally, I had the brilliant idea to put my hat on my feet and then I zipped my entire body into the sleeping bag. Unfortunately, that meant I was also encased in a tube of Deet poison. This allowed me to relax enough to only wake up every 30 minutes or so until the sun came up. I had the worst burger in the world for dinner and the only conversation going on in the restaurant was the bartender telling all of the patrons where they could pick up really quality **** rings.

No wonder there is lots of nice pottery, there is nothing else to do. I also saw lots of places for yarn, so they must knit a lot. Being here is freaking me out a little. Is there a reason why you don't have scooters? I haven't seen a moped in 20 years. I will be very happy to get out of here and get to Seattle. I will not forget you McGinniss's! ;-(


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