2008 Keys 2 Canada travel blog

lunar moth

another morning of offshore fog

and the tide is way out

Bass Harbor church

island home

at high tide this would all be water

ferry dock to Swan Island

the tide was still out when we got to Southwest Harbor

the floating docks have to have long stairways on hinges

lobster traps

this girl was sailing a catboat around the Harbor

and she was soon joined by this boy in another catboat

and then there were three!

lobster boat

it's pretty obvious what the main business is here

there are some pleasure boats too

and small boats to get to the bigger boats

the ever present gull

lobster fisherman

lobster boats come in many sizes

and rigs

there are some beautiful yachts in this harbor too

there goes a nice sloop

heading out

past the Coast Guard Station next door

meanwhile there are catboats all over the harbor now

what a great place for kids to learn to sail

kids, birds and lobster boats

what I wouldn't give to join that group!

Eagle Lake - one of the other swimming beaches on the island

and a happy camper

in town at Southwest Harbor

if you live in Maine you put in a good supply of...

looking toward the mouth of Somes Sound

looking southeast

the tide's about half way in

sloop on a reach - the white buoys are marking lobster traps

now on a westward reach


a yawl appears - two masted like a ketch but with the...

beetle on the rocks

now he's raised his mainsail and jib

a beautiful sight

headed into Somes Sound

Coastal Images - Thursday, July 10

We set out today with the intention of taking a boat ride out to one of the islands, but the offshore fog caused a cancellation. So we spent the day riding the bus and getting off at various places were we could pick up our mail, have a nice lunch and enjoy a dish of good local ice cream while we watched a bunch of kids take a sailing class. A pretty nice day after all.

Back at the campground we drove down to the beach and spent a nice hour watching the tide come in over the smooth flat Maine rocks. Here bigger sailboats were riding the wind, and the mouth of Somes Sound was sparkling and alive.

Today was an example of the way landscapes that are fogged in a lot take on a special brilliance when the sun finally does come out. Every color becomes brighter and more luminous, as though trying to make up for the days of dreariness.

Even cool colors take on a special warmth, and every living thing seems glad to be alive. These days we remember for a very long time.

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