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We left 0n Thursday July the 3rd. 2008 at 3am from my house in oceanside. Drove an hour and a half to LAX to catch my 7am flight to Newark New Jersey. Dropped the rental car off at the wonderful “Pay Less” car rental, took their shuttle to the airport where Rich and Ryan were dropped off at the United counter. Their security line was, no joke, a half mile long. fortunately my line was not that long. after checking in and doing the routine of stripping down for the metal detectors, (i know the routine by now but i was so mad, i took out my wallet, phone, sunglasses, computer, bag with all my liquids in it, stood in an obscenely long line, got to the front to realize i still had my flip flops on!!! so back of the line i go) I still got to my gate (luckily)with plenty of time to spare. i am waiting for the time when we have to walk through the metal detectors naked as they throw delousing powder all over us and brand us with our flight number. Rich and Ryan made it through their security line and made their flight just in time.

4 hr flight to Newark was uneventful although i did sit next to a guy that was 6'5” 250lbs who took up all of his space and most of mine. Once in Newark i had a few hours to kill so i got pizza and sat to read my book.

my 10hr flight to Athens was relatively enjoyable. After fixing a door that wouldn't close, which made me think,”what else is wrong with this plane that i will be flying over the Atlantic ocean for 10 hrs?? my seat was such that there was no one behind me and only one person to my left. Being the stud that i am i was able to get the phone number of the woman that sat next to me... but it just so happens that the one on my left was an adorable old lady. Her name was Kay and she was the sweetest thing. Aside from the fact that the only time she wasn't talking was when she fell asleep almost on my shoulder, she turned out to be very interesting to talk to.

Kay was a 85 yr old Greek lady who lived in upstate New York, with a heavy South Philly accent, who was going to Athens to visit her daughter. She likes to travel but doesn't feel comfortable doing so by herself. We talked about everything from her husband (who died 25yrs ago) to her house to her recent travels. I told her that i would keep in touch and share my travels with her.

Once landing in Athens i gathered my stuff said my farewells to Kay and set out to wait for Rich and Ryan to arrive. Doing the rounds in the airport made me realize how heavy my backpack is and how much carrying it everywhere is going to suck!!! Meeting rich and Ryan

My first night in Ios was interesting. After 24 hrs of travel, and 6 hrs of buses and ferries,we have arrived. 11pm July the 3rd Night one. our first stop is “sun Rise”. this is a bar at a hotel on the opposite side of the city. We bought a bottle of absolute for e21 to started the night. while drinking there we came across 4 Irish girls. (pair of twins and 2 friends.) Finishing 1 ½ bottles we were ready to start the night.

well to be honest after that we didn't start much. we left the girls at “Sun Rise” and started for the clubs. on the way grabbing a gyro and heading to the clubs. Thats when everything fell apart. Ryan was no where to be found. his first night here he is obliterated lost in Ios. Richard and i have been here so he makes round one to find him. once he returns empty handed i make my round.

wandering through the clubs i look and look but can not find a trace of him. Even though Ios is small i figure her may not remember where our place is but we would be able to find him in the morn. The clubs are packed but i didn't dance or try to meet people. And after a few hours of meaningless wander i cut my losses and took the long walk back to my hotel. Hitting my bed i was instantly asleep. That was... until the door flew open at 10 am.

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