Happy 13th Birthday Brandon!!!!! We Love & Miss You Much!

Boats In The Harbor In Seward

Jerry & Vickie Resurrection Bay

Fish Cleaning Station

Fish Weighing

Chinooks Where We Had Dinner

Our Campsite Seward

Where We Stayed

Jerry & Me On Trail To Exit Glacier

Vickie In Front Of Exit Glacier

Puffins & Gulls

Fox Island Where They Picked Up Our Salmon For Dinner

Killer Whale In Water, We Saw A Whole Pod Of Them

Puffins, Murres & More

Murres Up Close

One Of The Two Glaciers On The Cruise Called Holgate

Sea Lions All Over The Rocks

More Sea Lions And One Swimming Caught By Vickie's Close Up Camera

Glacier Close Up

Floating Ice All Over The Water

Second Glacier Had A Beautiful Waterfall

Waterfall With Lush Green Background

Iceberg Up Close

Bald Eagle In Tree

Our Boat The Alalik Voyager

Grizzly Captured With Vickie's Close Up Camera

Caribou Cooling In The Ice, Another Close Up From Vickie's

Another One Of Vickie's --- Okay, I need a new camera. :-)

Alaska's State Bird With Babies

Awesome Moose Closeup

We have enjoyed two days in the town of Seward, Alaska where we took one of the most awesome tours we have ever been on. I am in LOVE with this area. :-)

We have traveled the world and seen a lot of beautiful places but this one takes the cake. Just driving on the Seward Highway was fantastic. We are all suffering beauty overload where we can hardly process everything we are seeing.

We took a six hour tour in the Gulf Of Alaska leaving from Resurrection Bay in Seward. This is another one of the great deals in our Alaska book and it saved us $129 this time.

We saw a pod of killer whales, humpback whales, porpoises running along the boat playing with us, sea lions and much more. The puffins were flying and floating in the water and breeding on cliffs along with the murre and tons of other birds. If you love animals and nature you would absolutely love this cruise. I HIGHLY recommend it to all of my readers who I know are planning this trip next summer. Don't miss this one!!

I have added a ton of pictures and may even add more later. :-) Some of the great close up ones were caught by Vickie and her fantastic, diligent photography. She was on the front of the boat in the COLD wind making sure we didn't miss anything and I am very appreciative. I am also going to get a camera with the ability to get those close ups after seeing some of her pictures. Wow! What a week we have had already and it's not over yet. I hope you enjoy the pictures. More later from Alaska.

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