My Canadian Excursion 2008 travel blog

I climbed a mountain - well part of it. I drove up most of the way and there was a hiking trail, so I climbed up to the 'Round Top' The way up was hard. But the view was beautiful. I didn't take my camera, but I plan to go again, so pictures will be forthcoming (like the rest of the entries - I know, I know). This is the mountain that has trails to USA and Canada so you can start in one country and end up in the other. HUMMM. I dont think there is a border patrol up there :) Well we did some painting on Diane's kiosk and will do some more tomorrow. We had to pull out the scafulting(sp?) because we have to paint the front of the kiosk. That will be a job. Well that is the latest update -- Esther and Steve are building a house (Anne and Catherine Petit's sister and fam) They are planning to clear the land this weekend. Au revior

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