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Hidden jewels like this everywhere

Babbling Brooks

Ranger Station at the top of Lolo Pass

Big sky Montana

Well it has been rather a hectic week so far since we are trying to get to South Dakota before our vehicle insurance expires on the 16th. This way instead of renewing it for Texas we will do it for South Dakota and be done for the year. Insurance savings from this move will be $1250 per annum, which to us is rather substantial, and means we can travel more miles given the cost of gas.

Anyway we did our thing going through coastal Oregon, up through Washington and then across the neck of Utah. This is the part of the trip I want to tell you all about. Amazing scenery, stunning vistas and hidden jewels all over. I have included a couple of photos of the hidden lakes, babbling brooks and a few other's as well.

We spent last night at the Lolo Pass summit at a rest area near the rangers office. It was up at 5000 foot and then we crossed the continental divide today at 6400 feet. So it has been up and down mountains for 2 days now. Lolo pass summit is right on the Montana border and for the photo I walked about 500 feet to take it. The night up that high made for absolutely wonderful sleeping, it was cool and so quiet, Really beautiful.

Then we crossed over into Montana and thought the squiggly, curly cue roads were done. What a misconception. The mountains here are just as big and we went down several 6% grades today. Montana probably has the biggest sky I have ever seen, it's just never ending. There were a few scattered puffy white clouds in this great big blue (and I mean Blue) sky. It was gorgeous but awfully hot although the humidity is extremely low at 7%.

We are spending tonight at the Flying J truck stop at Belgrade after doing about 250 miles today. There are 4 RV's that I can see out the window right now so we have company tonight, and speaking of which its time to do the dinner dishes and rest a weary body. Till next time.

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