Alaska trip -- Summer 2008 travel blog

road construction

decorative cabbage at Palmer Demonstration garden

decorative cabbage #2

decorative cabbage #3

decorative cabbage #4


Matanuska Galcier view #1

Matanuska Galcier view #2

Detailed view of Matanuska Glacier

detailed view #2

detailed view #3

Margaret, Ian & Brian on Matanuska Glacier

Glacial ice and rocks #1

Glacial ice and rocks #2

Mud from glacial runoff

It was raining Tuesday morning and the forecast was for continued rain throughout the day so we elected to drive to Palmer, about 60 miles to see the demonstration garden at the Palmer Visitor Center. We encountered a six mile stretch of road construction that added about 30 minutes to our trip waiting on the follow-me. Otherwise the highway was in good shape. Its good to know what we're facing when we move to Anchorage on Thursday.

It had stopped raining when we got to Palmer and we obtained some nice pictures of flowers but it was too early in the growing season for big cabbage. We continued to Wasilla, had lunch and came back to the trailer.

This morning the rain had stopped but it was still mostly cloudy with a forecast of clearing later. It was partly cloudy by noon so we went to Matanuska Glacier, taking some pictures along the highway and driving into the park at the foot of the glacier. We hiked out onto the glacier and took more pictures. We noted that the glacier has receded significantly since we were here in 2004.

After we got back, I spotted some dall sheep high on some cliffs near our trailer park. They were to far away to get any photos.

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