The A-Train hits Portugal travel blog

So we finally made it down to the algarve and it is amazing. I'll try to get some pictures of the beaches and the scenery down here but honestly taking pictures hasn't been my highest priority. We're going to a foam party tonight which starts at 2 AM so that should be a decent experience we're planning on passing out after dinner and then shooting off to this party and it actually moves to the beach at 6 AM so we'll just spend the rest of tommorow dancing on the beach until the sun goes down again. I wish you all were here I mean its amazing but with the right people this could be the trip of my life! well I hope everyone over there is doing alright I feel so out of the loop I try to keep up on the red sox but its no fun when I haven't seen a game in over 5 days :( How is the weather over there? Well I guess I'm done for today but I'll try and keep this thing going haha who knew I had the patience.

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