The A-Train hits Portugal travel blog

So our time in Lisbon has come to an end finishing up with a little bit of walking around the city and hitting up some historical sites to pass the time. Weºre headed to the south tonight and I can´t wait to be laid out on the beaches for the next few days. Hopefully Iºll get some time to put together some pictures and get them posted up I know I keep promising but Im usually out and then when I get back I donºt have the coordination or the patience to do anything. Hope all is well back in the states and if anyone has any special requests of something they want me to bring back feel free to shoot me a message or throw something into the guestbook and Iºll do my best to get everything you need. btw amazing hash hahaha Iºll try and get back soon but my counter is running out so Iºm out for now

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