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Lovely brusied foot about 4 days after stair incident. Note lack of...

Hello again

Well BA was wicked. Sadly I did a classic Mooney on the second to last day we were there. Skinmore you will be proud of me mate!!

A few of us went out for drinks and dinner on the weds night and it turned into a big old booze up with me, Ian, Katrina and Keith sitting in a bar near our hotel at 9am on Saturday morning. Oh dear. Needless to say we were all a tad pissed. When i got to the hotel, the lift wouldnt work so i went up the stairs only to tumble down a whole flight landing in a pile at the bottom. Dodgy stairs....ahem. Managed to get to hotel room and realised had severely twisted ankle. Katrina got me ice and kept me fed all day bless her. Ended up missing the tango show and Evitas grave that i had planned on seeing. Pam a nurse on the trip had a look and checked it wasnt broken cos believe me it swelled up like a balloon. All was fine. Just very irriating and with the next few days involving campsites with no toilets i was not best pleased with myself!!!

Anyway, i managed to hobble on out of BA the next day with everything else intact and the promise to never drink again (see next installment......)

ps ta for all the messages esp from Miss Sara Frisby - great to hear from you !! will try to reply at some point to all

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