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Hwy 530 Flaming Gorge Country

Hwy 530 Flaming Gorge Country

Flaming Gorge Lake

Flaming Gorge Country

Pigtail Turn

biggest dandelion I have ever seen, tennis ball size! blow it!

Flaming Gorge Lake

Green River; look at the pools of green

Chas and the kids, between a rock and a hard place!

Arch bridge

Flaming Gorge Dam


headed down to lake

Yellow-bellied marmot "What are you lookin' at?"

Can you spot the antelope?


We spent Monday enjoying the scenery of the area surrounding Rock Springs. Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area which is on the Green River was close by so off we went.

We did a loop drive down Highway 530 and then back up Highway 191, the drive was a long loop around the 91 mile lake and parts of the Green River. It was absolutely beautiful.

You could see for so far and the road back had signs marking all the different geological periods that were evident by the layers of earth that looked like a rainbow of colors.

Fossilized squid, sand dunes and even dinosaurs had all been unearthed here.

The Green River was actually green, we went down a trail that overlooked the river and saw beautiful pools of greens in the river.

At one overlook, you could smell the butterscotch scent of the Ponderosa pines, the wild sage, and the fir trees so strong. It made you just stop and listen to the quietness around you. It seemed as if we were the only one in the park. So beautiful!

We had a picnic lunch by the lake. A couple there was having lunch nearby and gave us a fresh lake trout they had caught. So we will be grilling fish for dinner one night.

On the ride back we saw several more antelope. The kids were thrilled each time they spotted some.

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