Ecuador 2008 travel blog

At 10:30 we continued our day trip with a visit to the Cotapaxi National Park with the highest active volcano. The skys had been cloudy all morning but as we approached the park, the sun began to break through and the mountain peak became clearly visible. We drove up to about the 12,000 foot level on a rough road (including fording a stream) and hiked around with a guide from the national park. We saw layers of mud, stone and silt from sequential eruptions and a variety of birds includian a CaraCara and Andian gull. Also hiked around the lake and saw many Lapwings. We probaly got up to about 13,00 feet but to hike any further you need to spend a day aclimating, We stopped at a restaurant in the park for a late lunch. After that a long drive back to Quito (with most of us napping). Andrew & Karen were still full from lunch so the boys got pizza slices at the Tomato restaurant for dinner. Before bed we started packing for our "late departure" at 10am for Sacha Lodge.

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