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Westward HO!

A ranch

Home on the range!





For mom and dad.

I ordered one of these for my backyard.

Luke's the co-pilot

Our first glimpse of the Big Horn Mtns.

Acres of wild flowers

The Big Horn


We're up there

Breathing some fresh mountain air

Still going up...

Looking down..

Heading for Cody.

Here we are

Main St.

Can't say it better than that!

Yellowstone Valley camp ground

Not a tree in sight





A view from every direction!

A man's house is his castle!

Off to Yellowstone

Rick, tell Bob to add this to his year round camping list.


Only 60 more miles to Old Faithful!!!

Entrance fee - $25 per car. With Natl Parks America the Beautiful...

We'll be careful of them too.

Indescribable views!

This was a strange feeling.

A family pic

My feet are getting cold

We told him to use his boogie board

The Rockies

Devastation from the summer'88 fire

Lookin' to dig some wild flowers

Feels like the top of the world.

A family pic

She sure knows how to strike a pose!

They're STILL getting along


...they are!

Yellowstone Lake

For mom and dad and Matty

Yellowstone Lake

More wild flowers

You couldn't grow a garden like this

At the top

3 hours after we left the campgtround

We're waiting


Pretty amazing!

They saw it!

We all saw it .... twice

An interesting picture..I thought

We're ready

They're not sure.

Our capable guide

Roe is doing her share.

Here we go


OH Yeah!!

That was fun!

I got a wet butt!

Live and in living color

The Cody stampede

A family pic

Real cowboys

Another family pic

It's about to begin

These guys are nuts!




A touch of home.....A & J, this is one of yours


They just DON'T look like cowboys

Me either

She's ready

He's ready

Roe is ready.

Steven's trying to make friends

Off they go

...into the mountains.

I'm right behind you.

Gettin' breakfast ready

Smells good

He's the cook

Thats orange juice, not coffee

That was a good breakfast!

Two cowgirls were our trail guides

Deanna is giving a little treat to the pack mule.

He took a little more than she offered

This is my horse

Telling some cowboy tales

Is that right!

I just listened

Ready to go on the trail again

Them too

On the trail again.

What a crew

The gravel pit

Family pic

Family pic

Family pic

Family pic

Ribs, Burguiere style



Probably dreaming about home

They're gettin' into it!

Family pic

A womens work is never!

Luke is having fun!

Rolling hills...

Family pic

Family pic

Guess who?

They love the pool

Wyoming sunset

Soooo comfortable


Family pic

There has to be a couple pictures of us.

Tetons and Lake Jackson


A little boating paradise.

More wild flowers


you look.


The Tetons

Who's afraid of spiders?


Main street

Family pic

A pretty town


Yellowstone Lake from bridge Bay campsite.

Caught the rainbow

Preparing dinner

em, em, good!

cooked just right.


Remember, I'm on vacation

Just one more

another perfect meal!

Tues 7/1. After leaving Custer at 6 a.m., we headed northwest on rte 16 toward Gillette, WY., where we would pick up US 90 and continue NW to Buffalo, WY. Prairie and ranch land stretching for miles. At Buffalo we picked up 16 again and came upon the "Big Horn Mtns". The Dutchstar was put to the test. Climbing to almost 10k ft at Sylvan Pass, we were treated to breathtaking views from N, E, S and W. It's hard to imagine the scenery getting more spectacular, but each turn in the road offers a new vista. It's like looking at a calender with a different beautiful picture EVERY DAY.

We coasted down the western side of the mtn and continued heading west. We quickly saw there was more to come, as we headed toward Cody, sitting there in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

We arrived at Yellowstone Valley Campground about 4 p.m. It's about 20 mi west of Cody and 30 mi east of the park and pretty baron. The lack of ambience here though, is far out weighed by the view from every direction. We parked and Steven and Deanna found the pool (no slide).

Wed. 7/2. Woke up to a flat tire on the jeep which Steven helped me change. (remember I'm handicapped.)

We packed up the jeep, and headed up into the Rockies. We had no idea how huge Yellowstone is. Shame on us for not doing our research. When we arrived at the east gate, we were surprised to find out, we still had 60 mi to go to reach "Old Faithful", but it was another spectacular drive and worth the trip.

Thurs 7/3. We went white water rafting on the Shoshone River. It was Deanna's first river rafting trip, and she was a little anxious at first, but quickly turned to screams of excitement. The wetter she got the more she loved it!...as did all of us. After our first series of rapids, Deanna made a profound statement. "Nan, the best thing about this is that It's real, and not man made!"

The river is exceptionally high and very fast this summer, because of a heavy winter runoff of snow. Our guide was more than capable, and treated us to a thrilling 2 hr ride. Nothing life threatening - just enough.!

We were running low on food staples , so on the way back to campground we made a replenishment stop. Roe had her first experience at a Walmart "Super Center". People must travel from near and far to shop here. It was like a menagerie. At the bakery dept. we discovered Texas garlic toast. Steven and Deanna devoured it.

Thursday night we went to the Cody Stampede, a professional rodeo doing a week of competitions here in Cody.

It was amazing to watch these guys live and up close. This is serious business out here. The stadium was packed

Fri 7/4. Up and out by 7:15. We headed for the Absaroka Mtn Lodge for a trail ride on horse back into the Shoshone National Forest. There we had a campfire breakfast cooked over and open fire on a grill made completely of horse shoes.(take note Lou) It was pretty neat. The trail took us up to a high ridge line where again, we had panoramic views with the mountain side blanketed in wild flowers. Steven and Deanna rode like experienced cowboys(and girls.) I can tell you, it doesn't get more down to earth than this. You can easily see why someone might come to this part of the country for a visit, and never leave.

We got back to the campground about 11 a.m. and gave Steven and Deanna the rest of the day off. They headed to the pool where they stayed until 7, making more new friends. Steven finally broke down and let a couple of the girls his age, talk to him. About 10 p.m. they had a fireworks display put on by a couple of the locals.. It wasn't Macys, but Steven and Deanna had a great time because they became part of it.


Sat 7/5. Changed our plan for today and are staying at campground until Sunday. Went into Cody to do some shopping. Also bought 2 more loaves of Texas garlic toast, bringing the total to 6 loaves. Steven and Deanna's breath will knock you over if you are to close. The vampire threat is non existent in the Dutchstar. I also think they are repelling the mosquitoes. We are going to leave early tomorrow and hope to get a campsite in Yellowstone Park. First come first serve.

Pics will follow soon.

Westward HO!

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