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This will be our view next summer

Site #82 will be our home next summer

One more look at site #82

New friends from Alabama

Ed cooking breakfast

Spuds and onions

The finished product

Marilyn caught me napping

I hope everyone of you dear readers had a wonderful 4th of July.

Marilyn & I began our day by enjoying our morning coffee outdoors. We then took a walk around the campground and were awed by all of the different modes of campers and camping. The RV resort is packed with RVs of all kinds. There were a variety of tents, fold down (pop up) campers, a couple of Hi-Low models, trailers of assorted age and size, fifth wheels, and motor homes. All of the rental cabins are full, as are the rental trailers. The place is packed!

Marilyn & I met some very nice people from Alabama. They are leaving this morning, but asked us for information about becoming full-timers. We gave them some information, told them about our web site and also the rv-dreams web site, which we think has the best information and is a fantastic resource.

We also met some bikers who had familiar looking motor tricycles. We stopped to talk to them for a moment and discovered that they had been at the ABC campground in Branson when we were there for the rv-dreams rally.

Once Marilyn & I were back at our own campsite, we decided to have breakfast cooked outdoors. I retrieved the camp stove from our basement storage and soon had peppered bacon frying atop the stove on the picnic table. I followed that by cooking up a wonderful skillet of potatoes and onions. While I was doing that, Marilyn fixed the eggs inside so that everything would be hot when served. We had a large glass of orange juice with the meal and were full to the brim.

We had things cleaned up in pretty short order once our meal ended, and then had the remainder of the day to just kick back. Man, did we ever!

Mostly we sat outdoors in this wonderful weather. We spent most of the afternoon in a lounge chair with our books and a cold drink. I dozed off several times, but awoke to move my lounger back into the shady area when the sun became too warm.

Later in the afternoon we walked over to Jim & Linda's Mobile Suites and joined them on their patio area for a cold drink and some good conversation.

Once back in our own little home on wheels, we ate some leftover BBQ pork steak, with a salad, and a brownie for dessert.

We turned on the A/C once again and enjoyed a good night of sleep.

Looking back at yesterday, I think this was the most relaxing fourth of July I can ever remember.

We had in our thoughts and prayers, the fighting men & women of our nation, and our own family and friends who are far from us at this time. We ask God to bless each and every one of them.

It was an awesome day yesterday, and we just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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