Happy 7th Birthday Cameron! We missed you today.

North Pole 4th Of July Celebration

Greased Pole Climb

Lots Of Booths

Rock Climb

Hand Painted Rocks Were Beautiful

Taekwondo Demo

They Had A Bed Race But We Missed It

Trip To The Famous North Pole Wendy's And Saw Uncle Sam :-)

Next We Went To Pioneer Park For Their Celebration

Lots Of Neat Shops Here

Minus 40 Degrees Room

Jerry's 4th Of July Hat :-)

Smokie Bear Was In The Parade Too

Awesome Train Ride Around The Park

View Of People Enjoying The Chena River From The Train

Cool Native Village

Lots Of Red White & Blue Everywhere

Even The Dogs :-)

How About This Goat

Cool Moose Sighting On Way Home

Today is a very special day and we want to say Happy Birthday to our grandson Cameron!!!!

He is so blessed to be born on such a day. He loves the way everyone celebrates with him and he really enjoys all the fireworks. ;-) We also want to say a big thank you to all the men and women who serve to keep America free. We really appreciate all of you including our son who flies a C17 in the Air Force.

We had an awesome day today celebrating the 4th of July in Alaska. They really go all out and make it a full day of fun and excitement. They don't do any fireworks because you would not be able to see them in all this light but they make up for it all over the city with parades, tons of red, white and blue decorations and festivals. We started out this morning in North Pole and watched everything from rock climbing contest to greased pole attempts. :-) That was a funny one to watch for the viewers, not so funny to the participants. They had something they call a bed race but we missed it. I would love to have seen it to share with you but I have no idea what they do. I did take a picture of the beds. They had tons of booths with everything from huge baked cookies to painted rocks. The price for those rocks started at $100 or I would have purchased one.

After we left the North Pole celebrations we headed to the world famous Wendy's for lunch and to check out the decorations. It's in North Pole, Alaska so they keep it decorated for Christmas all the time and it's beautiful. We left there and headed for the Pioneer Park in Fairbanks to check out their parade and celebrations. This is an awesome park and don't miss it if you are in Fairbanks. It's free to get in but they do charge for things like the Aviation Museum we visited but it was only $2 each. It is a gold rush town and shopping village with over 40 acres filled with Alaska's history and it's on the Chena river. They had one of the coolest rooms we have ever seen. You pay $8.50 to go inside a room that is actually 40 degrees BELOW zero. We didn't do it but people coming out were laughing at how cold they got so fast. It was hot enough here today to be tempted to go in. It was almost 90 degrees today, the hottest day we have had in Alaska so far.

We are waiting for the arrival of our daughter Vickie early morning and can't wait to see her. She had originally planned to fly into Anchorage but decided to meet us in Fairbanks instead. More later from the Fairbanks area. God Bless America!!!

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