Norm and Anne Jago cross Canada Trip 2008 travel blog


Entering Confederation Bridge

The land of Flags

Sunset from our door

Notre-Dame de- Mont-Carmel Church


North Coast


North tip of the Ialand

Light house at North tip

Camp At Summerside

East Point Light house

Basin Head

Orewll Corners School

P.E.I. Potato

Beaconsfields House

P.E.I. Governor Generals House

JULY 4th

We left Moncton N.B. around 8.30 we made a side trip to Cape de Pete a small small fishing village, there was a herring cannery which gave tours also sold smoked herring which Norm thought would be good, we went the way info center directed and found out that that we were at a lobster cannery and no tours so we went on our way without herring but enjoyed driving through the village.

Crossing the Confederation bridge was another # 1 highlight of our trip what an experience.Once in P.E.I.we headed for the info center there were a number of souvenir shops in the area but we decided to come back to go through them for we wanted to settle in first.We managed to get a site right on the water front beautiful view.

There were a number of people digging for clams on the beach we would have like to try digging for them but didn't know how or how to cook them so all we did is watch.

JULY 5th

We set out at 8.30 to tour around the northern end of the Island and back around the other side . Our plans came to a halt when returning to our truck after going into a info center to use the washroom ,Norm started the truck and nothing few starts later still nothing so we called CAA. Certainly didn't expect to see our truck on the deck of a tow truck.It caught me so of guard I forgot to take a picture.

Great people here in P.E.I. while driving back in the tow truck the driver called the car rental to ensure we would have a car we were lucky to get the last one they had,now we are touring with a Honda Civic little easier to maneuver now our plans changed to doing things in Summerside one of the highlights was watching a race with boats made with cardboard and duck tape part of there Lobster festival entertainment sure was funny so the day was not all lost.

JULY 6th

Our day was full starting at 8am and returning at 7pm, We took the scenic route around the North Island stopping off at all the points of interests. One of our firsts stops was the Potato Museum we were disappointed to find it closed, had Seaweed Pie in Miminegash then off to the tip of North Cape were the St. Laurence and the Northumberland straight meet, the tide was not low enough for us to see this.We stopped off at the Government parks also Tyre Valley were they have the Shipbuilders Museum and the Yeo house both worth the stop. Time has run out so a few will have to be seen tomorrow.


First off to Chrysler to see about our truck, after explaining what happened they immediately started 8 am.- 11 am ready to go oil change and all. While we were waiting we went to the Acadian Museum also the Old Mill House.With our truck back with us we headed out to Cavendish the land of Anne of Green Gables.We toured the museum and grounds of Anne of Green Gables,walked though the shops along the board walk then a scenic drive home. JULY 8th Today we toured the East end of the Island bypassing Charlottetown for it was to early. One of the highlights of the day was Orwell Corners Historic Village and Agricultural Museum another was Basin Head here the river runs into the ocean,everyone seemed to be having a great time jumping of the bridge across the river.Stopped of to see the lighthouses, fishing villages and government parks along the way, very scenic day.

July 9th

Today is a day for laundry cleaning house. In the afternoon we drove to Charlottetown walked around town to look at the old buildings also around the wharf through the shops at the wharf both of us were tired so home we went. Tomorrow on the road again off to Nova Scotia we will be catching to ferry for New Foundland at 9am July 13th.

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