Traveling with Pat & Joe 2008 travel blog

Driving hwy 71 to Kendell, NE

Windmills in Kendell, NE

Vedauvoo (Vee-da-voo), near Laramie, WY

Summit Rest Area near Laramie, WY

I-80 View East at Summit Rest Area near Laramie

Joe & Pat at the Lincoln Monument at the Summit Rest Area...

The Snowy Mountains see from I-80 near Laramie

Antelope on hwy 230-going to Woods Landing, WY

Lake on hwy 230 going SW to Woods Landing

Driving hwy 230 to Woods Landing in Jelm, WY

Historic Dancehall at Woods Landing, WY

View from Livingroom picture window at Woods Landing

View from LR side window of area we are camping in

Big Laramie River not far from our campsite at Woods Landing

Big Laramie River at Woods Landing

June 30...Woods Landing Campground---Jelm, WY

We left Chiminey Rock Campground earlier then we tought we would. I guess we're getting our routine down pretty good. It goes faster now then when we first started out about 3 weeks ago.

We drove south on hwy.71 to I-80and then west from there. What wonderful scenery...and the weather was just perfect too. We stopped at a couple of rest areas along the way. The rest areas were great too :-) The welcome center was tucked right into the rocks along I-80. They had a playground and walking paths. We didn't make use of either...LOL. I collected enough books & pamplets from the information center to start a library. I wish they had some booklets on birds, plants & animals that are in the area. None of the information centers seem to have this type of info.

We just stopped at McDonald's for lunch. Pretty good really...we thought the hot & spicy chicken sandwiches were good. We found a grocery store (Safeway, we don't have any of these close to our house in MO) and picked up some of the things we'll need for the next few days. We are being pretty frugal and with the small refrigerator we have, we haven't been wasteing as much food as we seem to at home. That's a good thing because with the price of food we can't afford to waste anything (I know...we shouldn't have been doing it at home either).

We are going to Woods Landing Campground and will only have an electric hook-up. They have water for our tank and a dump station. So, we don't mind at all. We have no cell phone service, so I have no internet connection either. There are also no TV stations available. Wow, are we isolated..... But we have some DVD movies to watch and lots of books to read. I can work on my pictures (putting them on CD) and write and save my Journal each day, until I can up-load it. Joe wants to fish and I want to start reading a book I've had for a while. We will also do a little touring around the area. The Snowy Mountains in the area are just beautiful from what we've seen of them on the way here.

We thought we would stay here for 11 day...but I don't think we will. The mosquitoes are something else. It's been wetter here then usual...the owner said it's not usually this bad. The Big Laramie River is just yards from where we are camped. It is a small river but it sure is very full and moving swiftly right now. I hope Joe has good luck fishing it...but I don't know because it is moving so fast....but he sure is willing to give it a try :-)

We have been talking with our neighbor campers and they lent us a movie they had brought with them. Joe is reading right now but we're going to watch the movie in a few minutes...that is after I sit here and look out my windows at this view a few minutes...;-)

Posted at a Laundry mat on 7-3-08...further postings next week (I hope), pictures later :-) Please check back.....

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