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Now that is a big buffalo! - Jamestown, ND

Frontier Village - Jamestown, ND

Desks in schoolhouse at Frontier Village

This one has been used a little

A lovely Peony at Frontier Village

Lillies just starting to bloom at Frontier Village

Campsite 16 - GFAFB FamCamp

Burrow right next to Jeep

Campsite next to us

Campsite behind us

On the way from Aberdeen to Grand Forks we stopped in Jamestown, ND to view the National Buffalo Museum and Frontier Village. The Buffalo Museum covered just about everything you would ever want to know about buffaloes, their near extinction and subsequent recovery - a pretty remarkable story all-in-all. It also had an extensive rifle collection of just about every gun (including the Sharps .50) used in those days.

The Frontier Village was a reproduction of a typical town in the old west. It wasn't near as good as the Cowboy Town we visited in Wichita but it did have a room dedicated to Louis L'Amour who was born in Jamestown. I had read most all of his books while in the Navy and they had them all on display as well as a short history of his life along with newspaper clippings from the local paper from time to time during his career - pretty interesting!

The trip from Aberdeen to Jamestown was a pleasant two-hour early morning drive. By the time we left Jamestown the ever-present wind had kicked up and made the rest of the trip to Grand Forks very arduous, especially when trying to drive a billboard down the highway with a 30-40 MPH crosswind! When we turned North it wasn't much better as it became a headwind but we made it fine and found the AFB campground without too much trouble.

The FamCamp itself not only has nice campsites but a very large contingent of prairie dogs! Our campsite alone has numerous burrows with their inhabitants and we have a field across the street where we can see them cavorting all day long. You really have to be careful and watch yor step to keep from stepping in one of their holes but they are fun to watch.

We went to Cabela's in East Grand Forks on July 4th as we never got around to going to the one in Omaha. If you don't know, Cabela's is a well-known outfitter for outdoorsmen, having everything for the outdoors, and I mean EVERYTHING. It had a great animal display where it had most of the big game animals found in North America, everything from a mink to a trophy size polar bear (this guy was huge). They probably had about 30 animals in all. I could have retired in style on the taxidermy fees!! I did pick up a nice pair of shoes (similar to boat shoes) to replace my worn out moccasins I wear around the motorhome. Other than that we spent about two hours just looking around.

Today (7/5), we visited Turtle River State Park about 10 miles from the Air Force Base. We hiked about a mile and a half trail. You will not believe the mosquitos up here. They were swarmng like gnats around us as we walked. Thankfully Doris had thought to bring some Deet and that pretty well took care of them. I did manage to pick up two ticks though. After the hiking, we came back to the base and Doris washed clothes and then we went to the commissary to get stocked up for the next couple of weeks. I took the Jeep to the car wash and tried to get it somewhat clean before I get it all dirty again tomorrow when we tow it to Minnesota.

We have changed our plans and will be leaving Grand Forks a day early (Sunday 7/6) so we can spend a night in Lake Itasca State Park in Minnesota. Lake Itasca is the beginning of the Mississippi River about 200 miles Northeast of Minneapolis.

I have added a little over 30 photos from Wylie Park to the Aberdeen entry if you would like to go back and view them

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