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The beginning of Montreal's Canada Day festivals - you can see the...

I am having a horrible time finding internet. - I am at this moment using the internet at a gaming center - paying $5 an hour. Yuck!!!!!

But anyways - here I am. I went to Montreal on Monday because Amelie has wireless in her apartment in Montreal. I needed internet for my class on Monday. I ended up staying in Montreal until this morning (Wed). I went biking Mon,Tues, and Wed. This morning was the worst - I went with Amelie for an hour and a half. And it wasnt easy biking - That girl really sets a pace!!! If I do that every week I am going to be in such good shape. Amelie will be hired as my personal trainer. :) I am back in Cowansville now - no more biking for tomorrow. Maybe I will take a walk.

July 2 is Canada Day - National Holiday. Amelie and I went down to the old Montreal harbor (It has a french name - I couldnt remember it). There were so many people there. A guess of 10,000 would be an underestimate. There was so much going on. A short field soccer game between Canada and Mexico was our first stop (Mexico won). Then we met up with a few of Ameliè friends from her work. We meandered by a extreme biking show, had something to eat, admired the huge boat in the harbor ( I didnt get a pic of the huge yacht - but I will go back and get one), looked at shops, looked at the street artists, and stopped at a latino dancing area. The speaker was showing the audience how to do the salsa. - At least 200 people were in front of the platform trying out the dance. Man oh man you should have seen me --- jk. The last show of the evening was a fireworks show. We only stayed for half an hour. -- It was supposed to go on until midnight. Didnt see many fireworks at the beginning - I guess they wanted us to wait for them. But what we did see was cool they had huge screens of water - with a blow up of the band projected onto the water. I couldnt tell that it wasnt a normal movie screen until we got up close - It was a thin waterfall that reflected the movie --so cool. But after that we took the subway home. And then this morning I came back to Dianes.

Pics to come!!!

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