Jon & Clarissa's U.S.A. 2008 Trip travel blog

Cy, Aryn and their cousins Lauren & Lindsey at the entrance to...

The North Pole post office

This is where the letters arrive!!

Us in front of Santa's house!!!!

For all your Christmas needs!

An elf for entertainment

One of his toy shops!

Jon and I at the North Pole!!

Jon heading into the toy store!

The cool Christmas Tree ride!!!

A very cute chipmunk munching on something he stole from someone's lunch!...

Mindy and I on the carousel!

Jon peering into the post office!

Jon taking a ride on the parachute ride!

On Santa's sled!!

Entry to the Cave of the Winds!

Very narrow passages!

The original entry way!

Aryn, Lauren....and Cy!

Ceiling on the cave

Mindy and more very narrow passages

Cy! I would comment on this but I don't really know what...

They call this the Chinese Village.

The longest stalactite - about 8 feet long!

Outside the caves

The original entry way to the caves!

Outside the Airforce Academy

The Airforce Academy Chapel - pretty cool! Unfortunately closed by the time...

A cool remembrance statue

Wings on a different angle

Side view of the chapel

An interesting bronze piece - falcons

A pretty good view across to the academy

Garden of the Gods

More garden

Cool garden shot

We went to the North Pole today! read correctly! The NORTH POLE where we saw Santa's workshop, his sled and we even saw and touched the real north 'pole'. It was great fun! We also saw Santa - hoe looked how I always thought he looked! I wasn't allowed to take a photo with him though - for security sake (and I had to pay!) The actual pole was made of ice and is, apparently, cold and icy all year round regardless of weather! There were a few rides there too so Mindy and I did the Carousel! Unfortunately, all the reindeer were taken so we had to ride on horses but it was still great fun!

We were going to go to Pikes Peak which I think is the highest mountain in the Rockies but the cost to get in was insane, so we went to Cave of the Winds instead. In the late 1800s, the modern era of Cave of the Winds began when two young brothers, George and John Pickett, stumbled onto the caves. Just out for a day’s exploration with a church group, the boys never expected to stumble upon what would become one of America’s greatest show caves! The caves are made of limestone and apparently go back about 500 million years. There are lots of cool chambers with stalagmites, stalactites and other interesting geological stuff that I can not remember the names of! It was hard to get photos in there due to the light or lack of it but it was very cool.

Once we left here, we drove through the Garden of the Gods with other amazing rock formations. These are made of red and white sandstone.

On the way home, we naturally found some more outlet stores so we wandered around there for a bit and then found our way home after a long day!

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