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the drive along the Gaspe Peninsula

fog rolling in along the Gaspe

June 29,

Sunday We had sad news first thing this morning. Norm and Anne left us because they have to be back at the coast in a few weeks so they had to get moving to be able to cover all the provinces. We will miss them. We arrived at Cap Chat and Ed and Marion went for a tour of a 105 metre vertical wind mill as opposed to the usual horizontal wind mill that we usually see. We were able to get underneath and see the inside workings. It was very interesting.

When we met up with Chuck and Echo in the town, we opened the trailer door and found dishes on the floor in various conditions from smashed to whole. We lost two bowls and one glass. Not bad considering how many landed on the floor. I guess Ed took that last turn a bit too fast!

The scenery was so much like the Oregon Coast. Lots of little villages in picturesque bays along the way.

Our campsite is about 2km into the mountains and has thousands of mosquitoes, many of which are in the trailers with us. We spent much time terminating many lives and our hands are tingling from all the slapping.

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