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Diane - Paul - Nataly and Sam

Diane and I

The lake in Bromont

I have arrived in Canada. Not much trouble with the border this time J Diane’s parents’ farm is sooo quaint. I am going to love being here for a month. ---

I arrived Friday night. Diane gave me a brief tour of her new house, into which she had not yet moved. She has beds and plumbing – that’s all you need. So we are staying there now. I met her parents – very nice people.

Saturday, we organized her house. We pulled some apple crates out of the barn (there are at least a thousand – no exaggeration) to make bookcases. I sanded them down and they look pretty nice. There is a total of 7+ buildings on the property. Diane’s house, her parent’s house, the barn, the kiosk, a storage shed – which is bigger than most houses in FWB, and various other buildings.

Sunday – church. After church, by chance we met Nataly and Paul at a restaurant in Bromont. They invited us to go hiking near their house. We went hiking up a trail – around a lake – I didn’t have the appropriate shoes so we went back to get better shoes. Once we got back to the house, Diane, Nataly, and I decided to go swimming instead of more hiking. The Paulzack’s land is back on that trail – I will have to go back along the trail another day to see it. Anne came by to go swimming with us. We didn’t leave their house until 11:00 – It was a long fun day. Only one problem ---- I need to learn more FRENCH!!!.

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