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Wow, what a night! It was after 3 AM when most of the storms around us let up. It was pretty hard to get my eyes open this morning. But we are on the road at 6:55 AM (CT)! It's very cool (63 degrees) but feels good after the "sauna" last night. It's very overcast & still many black clouds & severe weather to the N of us. It poured for a few minutes (while Ron was disconnecting the water & electric of course), but then it stopped & we ended up having an overcast but pretty nice morning - good for driving!

We never saw much of Presho - guess it was off the hwy a little more, but the population is only 588 & the "town" has a total area of 0.6 square miles - so maybe we blinked as we went by & missed it.

Stopped for gas just W of Vivian 8:17 AM (CT) ($3.97/gal). Wow, theres a really strong wind from the N & its really cold. My sweatshirt & jeans feel pretty good!

The hwy is good thru here & there isn't any traffic at all. At 9:13 AM (CT) we entered the mountain time zone (MT)- 2 hrs different than home! Just went past Midland, SD. We were looking at pretty horses in a field & was surprised to see a big camel! Also saw a small herd of bison. This is the area where the Minutemen Missles were buried, kinda gives you a strange feeling driving by & wondering where the big underground silos were & if there's still anything out there. We are close to the Badlands & the landscape is changing. It's not the most beautiful part of the country, but it is very interesting. Just never know what is over the next little bump in the road!

At Cactus Flat we got off I-90 & went S on Hwy. 240 S to see the Badlands. The Badlands are just a few miles S of I-90 & the road thru the National Park parallels I-90, so we don't even have to go too far out of our way. The drive is just too awesome not to drive thru.

Our day continues with entry #2 -- the Badlands . . .

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