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Hoisting the Sail

After a short three hour drive this morning, we came into VanBuren State Park in South Haven, Michigan. We got here four hours before check-in, so we spent some time at their beach on Lake Michigan. The water was warm and the sand clean. The kids had a great time jumping the waves in their clothes. The first laundry day may come sooner than we thought! After eating at the park, we were able to get into our camp site and set up. After a quick clean up (with hair doing all around) we were off to our surprise destination...

The first part of the destination the kids understandably weren't so enthusiastic about - the Michigan Maritime Museum. It's basically a museum about lighthouses with some early 1900's U.S. Coast Guard displays including several motorized life boats. They warmed up a bit to the place on seeing the boats. But the second part they were very surprised and happy - a two hour sail on a replica 1810 sloop. It looks and works just like one of the ships on Pirates of the Caribbean. After a talk by the people on the history of the ship, we boarded and were soon off out into Lake Michigan.

The highlight I think was that we were able to help raise and lower the sails. Let me tell you, that main sail, which Christopher, Marissa, and Chris helped raise is NOT light.

Miranda, Makayla, and Annie helped on two of the smaller foreward sails. Those looked just as hard. We thought Makayla was going to be taken away right up by the ropes.

These things sure move slowly! And it was pretty windy. We talked about what it must have been like for people coming to the new world from England or Spain back in the 1600's.

Annie's doing as well as can be expected with the driving and her back. Plenty of pillows and shifting around. She may be calling Al for a script before long...ha ha.

Next stop - overnight somewhere in Minnesota. TTYL. :)

Miranda's Thought of the Day: "I thought it was going to be boring at first but it turned out to be really fun."

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