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Walked around the lovely old town lots of wine shops as you would expect with St Emilion Grand Cru ranging from 10 to 250+ Euros

Had frozen quiche with a glass of St Emilion Crand Cru for lunch.

Went on the “train” tour around the vineyards but unfortunately did not have time to stop and taste wine.

Got the office de tourisism to book us in to some accommodation.

Unfortunately Derick had stalled the van and could not push it (also on pebbly ground). Fortunately a man came to help. He climbed into the engind bay to look at the starter motor tried to hot wire it but no the problem was inside so he helped us push it.

Found the gite/chamber de houte. A young boy came to the door who didn’t speak English. He showed us to the studio room. Then an old guy came out from the back (probably grandad) he showed us the room but also did not speak English so it was confusing. I said we would stay but I think they were confused because we had the van parked out in the street with the engine running (as starter motor stuffed). We reached an understanding that we would stay for the night. I then tried to explain about the starter motor and that we would unload our stuff then park somewhere on a slope. I showed them on his car battery bien (good) pointed to the starter motor and said “kaput” he said ah “kaput” an Aussie and a Frenchman using German.

We had steak with a bottle of St Emilion Grand Cru for dinner. We then walked around the village with the computer for an hour trying to find a wire less connection. Ended up finding one not far from where we first tried.

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