Map showing the layout of the property.

His home as it appears when you walk down the buggy track

A closeup of the home, humble and modest isn't it?

This is his law office near the house, actually an office with...

View from the back of the residence to the rest of the...

"His fame his best epitaph" so true...

Red Hill – The Patrick Henry National Memorial near Brookneal, VA. It was Patrick Henry’s last home, a modest home with out buildings on about 2,800 acres. Patrick Henry the Great Orator and patriot, Governor of Virginia and counselor to the Constitution, framer of the Bill of Rights. One of two early American patriots who are heroes to Dave. To be in this place where he wrote papers to develop this government and speeches he gave to the House of Burgesses was a real honor. The office building is still intact, just as it was when he worked as a lawyer, governor of Virginia. The government seat of Virginia at the time was still in Williamsburg, quite a commute, about 160 miles. This is where he developed the idea’s and saw into the future, as it were, to predict the British intent for war and convince others of that fact with his “Give me liberty or give me death” speech. For more info about Patrick Henry and Red Hill go to: www.PatrickHenry.com

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