To prove we were here ! Colonial Williamsburg !

Street entertainment before Patrick Henry speaks to us.

Patrick Henry explaining the plight of the people and the "English Army...

Patrick Henry readdressing his "Give me Liberty of give me death" speech.

Later, infront of the government house "Madam Washington" arrived to speak.

"Madam Washington" addresses the throng with a rousing speech of encouragement.

Inside the House of Burgess, interpretive talk about life as a politician.

The real House of Burgess judges chair.

the Gaol "jail", we all agreed, this was not a nice place...

And beautiful grounds with lots of flowers.

You'll see nicely restored buildings like these throughout the town.

The Armory and magazine to store weaponry

Soldiers are always at the ready

The magazine and armory preservation plaque

Dave with Thomas Jefferson

One of the houses currently being lived in as a private residence!...

The Governors Mansion, when Patrick Henry took over he had a yard...

Servant making a basket from willow wood.

The Kings Governor had quite the collection of arms

Yes, quite the collection indeed !

When the settlers got to be so many and the little towne of Jamestowne got too little they moved the community inland about 7 miles and started Williamsburg. Mind you all this was still under the commnand of the King of England. As the years went by after the Revoluntionary War ended, Williamsburg fell into disrepair until 1923 when JD Rockefeller bought the land and 88 buildings to be preserved and setup in trust for its historical significance. Today you can visit the city and go through and see many buildings similar or just like it was in the 1700's, thanks to JD rockefeller. Interpretive actors dressed in period clothing are in all the buildings and grounds to answer questions or give demonstrations. Tickets are pricey but the price is worth the visit. You can walk around for free if you didn't want to go into any of the buildings or listen to the interpretive talks. We were treated to "Patrick Henry" but missed "Thomas Jefferson" speaking from a stage on the street. The whole experience congealed our thoughts about the early government and the peoples wanting for a new type of government.

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