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January 9, 2003

We drove through the rest of the state of Kansas and were happy to get that monotonous drive behind us. This time we headed into Colorado and started seeing the land get a little hilly, then gradually very hilly. We started noticing something in Colorado we had never seen before but would soon become accustomed to. Snow fences. They are usually alongside a highway to keep the heavy snow from drifting and clogging up the roadways. Dan's sister lives in Denver, so we happily and stupidly drove right into rush hour traffic. This just drove home the idea that we had to move somewhere away from traffic. We got to his sister's about 8 pm and goofed around with their family for a little while.

Before we went to bed, we went outside to repack the truck. (We had decided to repack the truck at every stop we made in order to create a more ridiculous configuration of too much crap) That night in Denver, we gave his sister a box to mail to us, and we also donated the TV we had brought with us to her kids. We had already thrown or given away thousands of pounds of accumulated crap, so why not a television as well?

You talk about a cold night there in Denver. Neither one of us had much of a coat, and I only had some goofy leather shoes with thin socks. You really cannot buy warm clothes in Oklahoma like the ones you would need in Alaska. So, we were hoping to find warm things to wear along the way. We were still pretty exhausted, but we slept a little that night in Denver and took off about 7 am the next morning.

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