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I've found that when you move yourself to a different country for a semester the range of emotions a person can feel in one day is just out real. Today, Wednesday, is the day I have most of my classes; four of them to me specific, two lectures and two tutorials. Tutorials just started this week for me. The first two tutorials I attended went smoothly, however the last one I had tonight was a bomb. I am still adjusting to the fact that I actually have to go to tutorials as a business student and apply what I've learned, have interactions with my fellow business students. I've always just crammed for tests which are normally multiple-choice at that. Anyways, so I go to my tutorial and he splits us all into four groups and appoints me as the team leader. As the team leader I was supposed to lead the team in discussion and then go in front of this class and brag about this guy named Dick Smith. I guess he is a really important guy in Australia. As you all know I can B.S. with the best of them, but there is no fooling a class full of business students about some guru named Dick Smith. It was a really proud moment in my life, one that I definitely want to forget.

After a stressful day of classes and an embarrassing one at that, Julian decided to drive Amber and I to get some junk food at the local grocery store called Woolworths. Now I knew things were destined to change for the better because I honestly don't think they could get any worse. I had just got done eating a sandwich with bread that had started molding and I couldn't even make popcorn without burning it. Bad day... Anyways, here I forgot my $ at home so Julian paid for my food and then the two of them decided that I needed to drive home. Come to find out I can drive a clutch with my left hand! It was a little different driving, but I made it home without wrecking a thing. The car doesn't even have power steering it is so old. The two of them were panicking because I was driving way to close to the left side of the road and I kept hitting the windshield wipers instead of the blinker. I must have done just fine though because he told me I have to drive some more tomorrow. It's nice to get my hands on something motor operated after relying on bikes and busses all the time!

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