2008 Midwest USA travel blog

Getting the field ready for final game of 2008 CWS

The umps are ready for final game

First pitch of final game (a ball)

Fresno St. celebrating the win after final out (fly ball to right...

Getting the trophies ready

Fresno State raising the National Champion trophy

Well, as you may know, Fresno State beat Georgia to win the National Championship last night (you can celebrate Linda)! It was a great game with the usual heroics involved in a game with this much pressure attached. The weather cooperated and was fantastic for the game. I had waited so long to be able to attend these games that it makes me a little sad that they are now over. It has been a hectic two weeks as I was able to attend 13 of the 16 games played and Doris went to 10 of them. I probably gained about a million pounds eating all of the good food as well. These games had the best concession food and variety I have ever experienced! I have included a few photos from the last game.

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