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The bottom of the American Falls with a view of Canada

Horseshoe Fall as seen from the Skylon Tower (Canada)

American Falls as seen from the Skylon Tower

Me :)

Pretty -

American Falls

Bridal Falls

Today was my first day to be a tourist! I went somewhere I have never been before. Niagara Falls - (there are two). The few pictures that you see above are only a fraction of the bunch. I took 100+ pictures and most of them are pictures of water, and water, and then another angle of water. As I was taking all these pictures, I was thinking to myself, "When I go back over these pictures, they are all going to look the same." But hopefully I took at least a handful of interesting pics. (There are at least 3 that my friendly co-tourists took of me - just to prove that I was there :)

So - my day. I started out from Jen's house at 8:30am. I arrived in Niagara Fall, NY around 12:30 - Which was better than the predicted time on my trusty GPS. Since my hotel was on the Canada side - I thought that I would check out the USA side before checking in so I wouldn't have to cross the border multiple times. As always tourist areas are confusing - with parking lots zelously guarded by people who want your money. I escaped to Goat Island - which is the island in between the American Falls and the Canadian (Horseshoe) Falls. And ... there I paid $8 to park - sure told them!!! But I wondered around and found 'the Cave of the Winds' It is a boardwalk that is torn down and reconstructed every year for the benifit and safety of us tourists (and I guess for the enrichment of the owners) This boardwalk took me within 25 ft of the base of the American Falls - very neat. Michelle - you would have loved all the photographic possiblities. Then I wanted to walk around the island (It isn't very big - maybe 3 miles in circumference) But I had a slight headache - so I made for the border....

At the border crossing, I got the third degree from the nice border patrol lady. Where are you going, how long will you be in Canada, who do you know, where do they live, do you have a gun, do you have pepper spray .... whoa!!! Dad - it got confiscated, apparently pepper spray is illegal in Canada. And they put it in a nice plastic bag, and said that I would not get it back - It is going off to get burned with other illegal stuff. Which is a collosal waste of money in my mind. I understand that if it is illegal that they have to confiscate it. But sell it, or give it to someone who can use it - make a profit off of the Americans who don't know Canadian laws. But after that relatively minor incident, I found my way to my hotel and checked in.

Took a shower - relaxed for an hour - then went to go see the Canadian Falls. Since my hotel is not located very far from the falls, I took off on foot and walk down to Skylon Tower - my first stop. Traveled to the top - great view by the way. After that, I meandered down to the falls themselves. Spent at least an hour there in awe of the power and beauty and ...... yeah, it was cool. My last stop was the Imax. There was a presentation of the history surrounding the falls. When I got out, it was starting to get dark. So I headed back to the hotel. And here I am - letting all you know about my day. :) one thing that I wanted to do was go on the Maid of the Mist boat ride - I might do that in the morning before I head on to Diane's or on the way back.

Well that was my day - It was kinda weird going on vacation by myself - but after a few hours I got the hang of it.

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