Santa Claus House As Seen From The Road

The Chena River Behind Our Campground

Our Campsite Nice & Roomy

A Visit To A Very Busy Farmer's Market

A Visit To Santa's Reindeer

This One Was Busy Eating

This One Posed For Us :-)

A Picture Of Frosty For Sammy :-)

Mr. & Mrs. Claus Of Course

Jerry Enjoying The Sleigh :-)

Even The Post Office Is Decorated

Another View

North Pole Fast Food

Santa Lane

Great Alaskan Bowl Company

Some Of The Finished Product

Working On A Set Of Family Bowls

Even The Hot Sauce Is Decorated :-)

Our Free Planter I will Use For A Bird Feeder

Our Youngest Grandson, I Received This Great Picture Today And We Love...

It feels so good to be set up for a few days in the same place. We are cleaning house and washing the car and the coach etc. etc. Not a lot of exciting things to report except a trip to Santa's House North Pole that I think two of my youngest grandsons will enjoy. :-)

We are having a bit of adjustment to sleeping here. Yesterday morning we woke up to birds singing at 2:30 am. I thought I was dreaming about birds until Jerry woke up and said he heard them too. I got up to check my feeders to see if I could see them but it was coming from the trees way behind our site. Unreal to hear birds singing so early when they are usually sleeping too. Once I was up I could not go back to sleep until about 6 am and it was still light then too. I don't think it ever gets dark here. I have been told it does get dark for a couple hours out of the 24 but I have not seen it. Jerry woke up this morning around 3 for a couple hours too. I guess it will take a bit of time to adjust but it sure is cool having all day and night to do things.

We took a tour of the Alaska Bowl Company and watched them make cool bowls cut from Birch wood. They make what they call a family of bowls with about three of them coming from the same piece of wood. They will add whatever design you would like in the bottom including your favorite photos etc. It was worth the tour and hey, they gave us a free planter just for watching it. I am going to use mine for a bird feeder. We plan to do a lot of exploring over the next few days and will have more to report after we have relaxed a bit.

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