Glenn and Melissa's South American Honeymoon 2008 travel blog

The spider of Nazca Lines.

A couple of mummies at the cemetery.

Today was a day we were looking forward to, if not just a little apprehensive about our flight. It was an early start to the day as we were to be at the Nazca Airport for our flight over the Nazca Lines. There were 5 of us plus our happy-go-lucky pilot in the small Cessna and it was definitely not a flight for people with weak stomachs. Every time we went over one of the geoglyphs, the pilot put the right wing down to point at the picture then quickly turned the plane around (each time it felt like we dropped a few feet), so he could then drop the left wing down to point out the picture to those people on the left.

The lines themselves are fascinating. The stories behind them, the theories as to why and how they got there, the way that the lines are so straight and go on for miles and the actual lines that make the pictures - they are all very interesting. The actual geoglyphs were smaller than what I thought they´d be, however they are still over 100m.

All in all, it was an amazing experience to the lines that were created centuries ago by the Nazca poeple (or by aliens, as some people believe).

Next stop was the Chauchilla Cemetery. This is where ancient mummies can be found with their clothing and hair still intact. However, most of them are just bones. The mummieswere placed in the foetal position facing East in the graves and up until grave robbers almost destroyed the site, all ceramic and other artifacts (which were put in to the graves by the people as gifts to the Gods) were found as they were put centuries ago. It was really fascinating.

Afterwards, a short drive further down the coast took us to Puerto Inca, the Inca´s original port, which only discovered in the 1950s. Itwas from here that a series of runners could take fresh fish to the Inca Empire in Cusco. We took a walk through some of the old Inca ruins (some with bones inside that looked very much like human bones) and up to the cliff top overlooking the ocean with big black vulchers circling above.

After dinner, when it got dark, we made a campfire and sat around it drinking the local beer, homemade Sangriya, and eating marshmellows as a group. Although it was a beautiful place to stay, this was the beginning of Glenn´s demise. During the night, Glenn was sick from both ends and this would go on for a few days...

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