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The Candleabra

Rock formation at the Islands

We left Lima at 7am this morning for our journey to the Ballestas Islands. When we got there the weather was beautiful and we all put our huge life jackets on and jumped in the boat. We hadn´t even been in the boat for 5 minutes when we saw a dolphin cruising around. Then another, and another! In the end we saw about 6-8 dolphins and a few of them came up so close to the boat - it was awesome. That particular bay is home to 70 dolphins.

On the way to the Islands we passed the ´Candleabra´ in a huge rockface. It´s a massive geoglyph that some believe is linked to the Nazca Lines.

Onward journey to the Islands and when we got there it was a sight. The birdlife there is amazing with over 150 species - which also makes up for the massive amounts of poo covering the rocks! As well as the birds and cute penguins, there were also sea lions doing what they do best - lazing about on the rocks. Around July every year the Humpbacks come through, so unfortunately we weren´t able to see any.

We stayed in a place called Pisco and had a few drinks on the roof top terrace overlooking the town. It was devastated by an earthquake in 2007 that was about 7.9 on the richter scale and the damage is still evident and abundant in the town. The roads are cracked, the houses have not yet been fixed and most of the buildings are still in ruins.

Tonight was quite an early night as we were all a bit exhausted from the boat trip.

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