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yet another argentinian road block

same road block

2 hours later we finally get through.

the protest from afar

riot police in the background

the main drag......dust bowl. haha

the train station

very picturesque NOT. i was stuck in this crap hole for 3...

Ok La Quiaca is a nothing town that the lonley planet guide describes as a passing through town for people going into and leaving bolivia from argentina. its located in the north west edge of argentina and is basically a dust bowl with dirt houses and no reason to be there.

i decided to stay in La Quiaca rather than go straight across the border to bolivia and catch a bus to tupiza or Uyuni because i had this great idea of claiming some tax back on some electrical goods that i bought in argentina. this turned out to be a disaster with the customs officials telling me that i needed some form, i chased up the form only to find that the tax rebate didnt apply to the items i had bought. so in La Quiaca i stayed for another night.

the next morning i got up and whent for a small walk (the town only has 15t people in total). the moment i stepped outside the hostel i heard firework shots which sound like gun shots but im used to it now. the farmers set them off when they are having a protest.

one thing that ive learnt is that there is 2 things argentina likes doing apart from soccor and god and that burning tired and blocking a road and protesting about stuff. and i say stuff because some times i think that they just protest for the sake of it because i never see them protesting during the 3 hour siesta they have.

ayways so i checked out the protest. as it turned out it was a rock throwing protest (the first in 89days of protesting). so i checked it out and found 25 riot police and about 50 people throwing rocks at the police. soon after i got there the police decided they had had enough and they released the tear gas. i got choked out and had to run away along with the rock throwers. well at least the place wasnt as boring as i thought i was.

anyway check out the photos, hopefully i can upload the video of me after i got hit with tear gas.

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