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From the Three Borders

This morning we left at 10:00 to cross the border into Paraguay. It was about a ten minute drive from where we have been staying in Brazil. Our first stop was at the Black Market which mostly sold electronic goods and perfumes. We visited another market similar to this one and then our guide took us to a small store where they sold handicrafts. We were only in Paraguay for a few hours, but we are happy to mark it as another country we have visited!

Afterwards, we went to the three points (The Three Frontier Landmark), where Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina can all be seen and is divided by the Iguassu River and Parana River. The three countries each have a pointed monument painted in their flags' colors. We are pictured in front of the Brazilian point.

This afternoon we are headed to Uruguay via another overnight bus. We will leave Brazil and enter Argentina for the first part of the ride. Around 5:30 AM, takis will meet us in the middle of nowhere to take us across the border into Uruguay. Our first stop is the town of Salto where there are thermal baths.

(The amount of pictures we can post on our travel page is limited, so we will go back to some of the earlier days and delete a couple of pictures so we can make room for our new ones.)

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