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My two favorite aunts

Uncle Zack and his hot rods

Aunt Wene's addictive view from her back porch

Marion County, Tennessee... prior home of Ms. Brandy Curtis... current home of generations of Curtis family members... some of the most incredible giving people on earth. We spent the last four days eating three square meals, visiting missed family members and riding bicycles along the bluffs of Seqatchie mountain. In only four days we each gained about ten pounds, Brandy showed some ol' stompin grounds and Matt started to speak with a southern accent (which fooled no one). After nearly four days of board games, bicuits and gravy, sweet tea and great conversations on the back porch and almost being able to understand what the heck Uncle George was saying we sadly loaded up the mud-covered Subaru and headed west.

We made it to Missouri where a hail storm and the darkest clouds even the seafarer had ever seen caused us to rent a hotel.

Thank you all for the messages on this. It means a lot to us! We were just kidding about advice... :) Let it flow!

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