Wildflowers All Along The Road

Beautiful Views

Construction Begins

See What I Mean About The Rocks?

We Stopped For A Picture Of This Fella We Think He Is...

A Stop At Kluane Lake, It Was Beautiful!

Another Stop For Customs

Our Campsite Border Line RV Park

Okay, now we know what everyone means when they tell you about the horrible roads in Alaska. We left Haines Junction and ran right into a ton of construction where they had to have a pilot car show you where to drive. They had equipment high up on the mountains and the huge rocks looked very dangerous. I could see why they had to show us where to go.

After all the construction we stopped at the gorgeous Kluane Lake and took some pictures and enjoyed the beautiful views. After we passed the lake it was FROST HEAVE BOULEVARD for the next 125 miles. We averaged about 30 miles an hour. The secret to driving these awful roads is to go very slow. It felt like a roller coaster ride and the sides of the roads had what looked like an earthquake had hit. Huge cracks along the road. I told Jerry to dodge the holes by moving toward the middle of the road when no one was coming because moving to the side of the road with those cracks looked even scarier.

We made it through customs and stopped at the very first place we found, we were exhausted. It is called Border City RV Park but says it's actually located in Tok. My map says Tok is at least 50 miles down the road but that is the address it has on the campground receipt so I am mapping it in my journal as Tok. :-) We are very happy to be in Alaska and will be dreading that road back when we leave but the beauty we have seen makes it worth every bump. Tomorrow we leave for Delta Junction and plan to stop and take the usual pictures at the famous sign saying we have driven the Alaska Highway. More tomorrow at the end of the Alaska Highway.

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