Paul's Travels - 25th Nov 2004 to 14th March 2005 travel blog

An 'Alpaca'... (Or something like that!)

"Grrr, who nicked my damn comb!"

A big rock with a hole in it... Guess what they named...

Yep, they called it 'Hole in the rock'!!!

..we went through it and this is the view from the other...

Here's some pics of when you DONT go through it!

A cave round the oterh side home to big black stingrays and...

On the way back to shore, the guy in the second row...

Went on a day trip up to Paihia, kinda wished I'd stayed overnight and gone further but I couldn't be arsed at the time so its my own fault!

Basically took the trip up through some nice scenery and went on a 38 LITRE jet boat out to a tiny rock island with a hole right through the bottom of it. Apparantly life expectancy, should you suddenly find yourself overboard, is 2 minutes. This is due to the huge population of Stingrays, Pirhanas and Sharks of the Mako and Great White species. The Pirhanas dont pose that much of a threat but are the reason the sharks hang around cos the fish are there in SWARMS and you can see em all from the boat.

Anyway, this boat gets up to a speed of 40 Knots and consumes evil amounts of fuel per hour. I sat at the front and the force of the wind in yer face is enough to mimick the effects of a skydive to an extent, open yer mouth and yer cheeks blow up! Well funny!

SO that was the day really, watched Nemo on the coach again but still found myself laughing at all the funny bits!

(Photo's to come)


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