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Hello there again. As you have just seen in my entry title, I once again got sick and had to go to the doctor. At one point my plan was to go to the rainforest this weekend and get pictures with koalas at the least, but lets just say I didn't quite make it that far. Instead, I had to ride my bike to the doctor on Friday because I couldn't swallow at all. Lucky little I had Tonsillitis. I couldn't eat anything for 3 plus days! I hate to bore you guys with my journal entries of my poor health. I promise I won't be the international student that never leaves her apartment.

With my medicine hard at work I ventured to UnderWater World early this morning for a meet and greet. I ended up staying a little longer and got a tour of the facilities and even got my very own uniform. It's got to be the most unflattering uniform I've ever seen. My shorts are PLEATED, yes PLEATED and go down to my knees. The shorts are worn with a royal blue polo and sneakers. I'll have to humor all of you and take a picture with me all decked out in it some time.

I'm still having a hard time accepting the fact that I have to rely on public transportation to get around here a lot of the time. I had to sit in the scorching sun and wait for the bus for an hour after my meet and greet at UnderWater World and even then I wasn't sure if I was getting on the correct bus. I'm definitely going to give my car a big kiss when I get back and apologize to it for ever calling it any mean names.

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