Jon & Clarissa's U.S.A. 2008 Trip travel blog

Oh! Not as big as we first thought!!!

Cy and Pat

All of us at Monument Valley

The amazing rock formations

The three sisters

A wider view



Mindy and I

More monuments

Our lunch stop - in the side of a rock!

The feather

The valley

Cy - spread out over all 4 states!

Continued our drive towards Colorado and made a must see stop at Monument Valley National Park in Utah. I know you could say - great! More rocks! But it was amazing to see all the rock formations that have lasted for so many years and they really are quite beautiful and amazing to look at! So we did the drive around the park and took lots of photos!

We were making our way to Dolores (which is where Pat's Mum lives and where we were going to make camp for about a week!) when we made the essential stop to what is known as the four corners. it is the only place in the U.S. where the corner of 4 states actually meet - Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. Now, apparently years ago, you could drive in and take your photos and drive off - but like anywhere in the world, where there is money to be made - you get to pay to go and stand on the monument! It was cool and even though Jon and Pat were shaking their heads at the fact that Mindy and I wanted to do it, they went along with us anyway!

So on we drove, watching the scenery change, watching what looked a lot like desert with big rocks, change into the rocky mountains. We arrived in Dolores and had a day of much needed non-driving rest!

Oh, we did go shooting on our rest day! We took Pat's 22 rifle and some cans and headed for the woods! Now, I would like to say that I am a good shot with impeccable aim but that would not be the complete truth! However, i did manage to hit one! Before we finished, Pat decided we could use the tree to lean on to steady our hands if needed and that made a difference! I actually hit 2 cans without the rifle wobbling around all over the place!!! We all had fun! Thankfully, no deer or elk or cows were injured in our adventure!!!!

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