My Canadian Excursion 2008 travel blog

Lunch at Panera Bread with Sis Shirley Kinney and Sis Sherry Edmonton started my day off good. I enjoyed talking to these girls again.

Afternoon plans to go see 'Get Smart' changed to evening plans. A few of us went to the 7:45 show - It was a hilarious movie. I won't give out any spoilers here. But it was really good. The best part was went we were leaving. Sharon and I were leading the group out of the theater. We simulaniously opened the exit doors. My door didn't open on the first try. So Sharon said, "Come on Ruth, you can't open the door". I shrugged and brushed off the gibe. Oh well - but there was another set of doors. My door opened just fine. But Sharon's wouldn't budge. She just slammed into it. We all got a huge kick out of it - especially right after seeing 'Get Smart' - It is funner when stuff like that happens in real life.

The crowning point of the evening - Sharon and I went to go pick up the girls from Angie's house. Their new puppy was greating us when we came in - and he proceeded to pee on my foot. (The dog's name is Daisy - Elizabeth calls her 'basie')

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