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Somewhere there is the Oregon Trail

Swimming Pool

Tenters - Braver than us

Gorgeous flowers

The Slussers

Fountain island to greet visitors

Old wagon bits make up the picnic table

Our neighbours decorations

While we were at the Flying J yesterday Gary decided to phone Greg from AM Solar and see if he could fit solar panels to our roof. Well Greg's secretary told Gary sorry he is at a rally in La Grande. Needless to say Gary was disappointed but then I had one of hose flashes of intelligence that I sometimes get. Goofy, we are in La Grande phone her back and get his phone number or find out where he is and we'll go look for him. Well, Gary did that and guess what he was 2 miles down the road from the Flying J where we were so he phoned the campground and asked if they had place for us because we were looking for Greg from AM Solar and they parked us right behind him and his wife Deb.

Gary and Greg chatted solar panels and inverters and batteries and all sorts of goodies last night and then again earlier this evening and then Greg and Deb left to go back to their home base and business. We on the other hand get to spend another night out here. The only thing I have against this place is the mosquitoes, millions of them and they just adore the fact that we are here so they can attack Ethne constantly.

Well a little history about this place - it is a hot water spring where the water comes out of the ground at 180 degrees. In 1864 the first hotel with bath houses was built here and in its heyday a large brick hotel- hospital was built. In 1934 a fire destroyed all the buildings except the brick hotel-hospital, which still stands here today.

The Oregon trail runs through here as well and many of the travelers on the trail used to stop here to take the water. There is a healing quality in the water they say.

As you enter the park you are greeted by a fountain with the most interesting picnic tables made from old wagon bits. It is very pretty and most welcoming. The people here are all very friendly and nice too.

We really both needed this break and now we do not have to rush to make appointments - one is done already and the other is only on Wednesday. We leave here tomorrow (Saturday) and travel up toward Portland and Brazell's, hopefully by then I will be over this flu or whatever it is I've got. I still feel really under the weather and these two days here have given my body time to catch up on sleep.

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