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The end of I-75

Crossing into Canada

Looking down at the Soo Locks

Driving along Lake Huron... Looks just like Lake Superior

Lake Nipissing

Our campground

The lake

Another campground close by

These are the rocks I'm used to

It was a little warmer this morning… 45 degrees when we got up but at one time we saw it hit 60, even though it was for a very brief time…. Bill hooked up the truck and put the electrical cords away in the rain… Not a fun task but one of the realities of RV’ing…. Course we had the option of staying put if we wanted but we were pumped up to get into Ontario….

I don’t know why everyone worries about crossing the border… We have always been treated kindly but we have heard so many horror stories that we wonder if we will be the next… The gal that checked us through today was very business like but also very nice and we crossed with out any problems…. She didn’t even ask me about fruits and veggies on board… Drat… I had just thrown out what we couldn’t finish eating about three miles back…I know that tomorrow morning I’m going to be craving my raspberries and blueberries with my yogurt ….

As soon as we passed through customs, we found the Ontario Visitors Center…. Let me tell you, the gal that helped us there was the best we have ever seen….. She told us so much about her beloved Ontario, but also a lot about other Providences that she has visited… Armed with every map and book she could find about the area we were traveling, we started out across Trans Canada Hwy 17 East….

For just a minute while we were at the visitors center, the sun came out to welcome us to Canada …. Once that was completed, it started to rain and continued for the entire 250 miles…. What a shame because we were in some beautiful country as we followed the Circle Tour signs of Lake Huron….

We really felt like we were in Canada when we stopped for a lite lunch at Tim Horton’s…. Our friends Julie and Les introduced us to this chain when we were with them on our way to Alaska two years ago.... They are all over Canada just like we have MacDonald's......We had some great broccoli, cauliflower soup with one of their yummy rolls and bought some of their great coffee to take with us when we left… We had forgotten how good and strong it was but we sure didn’t get groggy after drinking it like we usually do in the afternoon.... Since I don't think we will find too many Starbucks here until we get to the big cities, we will drink Tim Horton Coffee...

We bi-passed some of the things we might have stopped to see on the way because of the awful weather but that was O.K. We will soon be seeing lots of good things…

We really needed to find a place to stay that had sewer and water since we have been four days without it and I was craving a long, hot shower so I checked out the private campground book that our little friend had given us… Since we had used up one of our propane tanks last night with the furnace running so much, I found a place that said it had propane and WIFI…. It is a nice campground on Lake Nipissing…. The book said that it was a smooth gravel road to get there … We should have known that something was wrong when the road was sorta like traveling in Alaska, but we got here never the less… The owner has been here for 29 years and a heck of a nice guy.. It turned out that he had one site with full hook ups that was a pull thru but when he saw the size Of our Tana he said that we would have to back in to it…. He made sure that we had 4 wheel drive before he would let us back in on the wet grass…. After we got all set up, I asked about the WIFI…. I got this blank look and then he asked me what that was?..... I told him that we would have to leave because I really needed Internet and then he told me that his daughter has a lap top…. We are right across from their office/house so he had his daughter give me her password so that I could get on her connection…. Wasn't that nice? ....We stayed of course…. It really is a nice place but except for a couple of sites, it is all seasonal’s.... For those of you that don’t know what that means, it is full of trailers that people leave for the entire summer.... Many of them live around here and work full time, just coming out here on the weekends or their days off to fish or spend time on the lake….

The lake is beautiful as are the trees but after an exceptionally wet winter and spring, the mosquitoes are out in masses…. They are huge and hungry…. After feeling that I supplied them with enough of my precious blood that I have been working so hard to bring up to the proper level, I came inside…. It wasn’t too long before Bill was inside also….

I hope you notice the new Providence we were able to add to our home page map of Canada…. It isn’t that we haven’t spent a lot of time in Ontario before but this is the first time we have returned since we have been here in our Montana.....

Tomorrow we hope to get to Ottawa, the Capital of Canada… We will spend at least two nights and maybe three so that we can see as much as possible… We are really looking forward to it.... We hope you come with us....

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