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BART entering the station

Traveling through the turnstyles to take BART

June 16, 2008San Francisco – Sometimes you have to stock up, but before you do the needed routine, you have to go and play; so today we rode BART, known as Bay Area Rapid Transit. BART is a high speed commuter train that travels all over the Bay Area taking workers and tourists from and to San Francisco, Oakland and the surrounding communities.

This was a first ride for Barb, Curt and Cholly; at first seeing all the routes and opportunities to get it wrong, we got it right and traveled from South San Francisco to downtown. We departed BART at the Embarcadero Station. This is part of the financial district of the City by the Bay, so it was an interesting area to see. Tall buildings reach past sight and sound and are all around you. The rush of people is everywhere, but in the rush of individuals going to make or offer a deal, you can ask questions and they will pause to help you.

We walked for a few hours and then rewarded ourselves with a Starbucks moment before traveling back to our campsite.

The afternoon was spend getting warm as the day was brutal with clouds, wind and fifty degree temperatures. To get warm, we traveled south a few miles and were out of the chill to re-supply with food and other needed items.

Part of the adventure of traveling is experiencing the opportunity to find supplies in grocery stores. Each store is different so shopping becomes a hunt for substance and new items. While shopping watching people is a favorite pastime of mine. In one store it was parents with small children, the next grocery store, a health food store, the people were more couples without children, which brings me to the conclusion the first store, a chain grocery is more practical for parents and kids, the second more for the couple and single crowd. Don’t know what that means, ,just something I observed.

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